Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A small charity shop haul!

All this for a fiver! Well, actually Gallows View was a swap from Read It Swap It, but the other four - charity shop bargains! And in fact they came to about £3.50, but I felt like I was stealing at that price, so gave the lady a fiver and told her to keep the change. I bought Pig Island by Mo Hayder as I've heard good things about her and have never read any of her books, so thought I'd give it a go. Echo in the Bone I bought because I have the first in the series on my TBR, and it was such a huge book for 80p I couldn't resist. The two Stephenie Meyer books I bought for Natasha - I've read them and stupidly swapped them on, but she is now reading Twilight so she'll be moving onto these next ...

I love a good charity shop haul!


  1. Pig Island is quite creepy. I prefer her Jack Caffrey series to her stand alones but they're all good.

  2. I love love love bargains like this but never seem to get any in Glasgow, certainly not like that

  3. I still love charity shops from my past when I lived in UK. Especially I love book charity shops. Here, in Latvia we have second-hand shops, but the prices is not acceptable (too high)